The artists of Tiwanaku arched all over rearwards to accurately depict, for posterity, the characteristics of the foreign phenomenon that all of a sudden appeared them. They utilised aquatic vertebrate heads to symbolize that this living thing was an aquatic, felis concolor heads to make a gesture that it was a prodigious and spry creature, craniate heads to attest that the animate being could fly, and quality heads to designate that this being had genius. The artists histrion pictures of the alien's cosmonaut helmet, its spacesuit, its handheld instruments, its memo device, and its three-pod binary compound outgrowth as finest they could.

Beyond these depictions of an bright aquatic with winged capabilities, the visual communication of the greater subdivision of alien contact, approximately the Tiwanaku-Nazca-Cuzco triangle, shows few signs of made-up. Look at the drawings on the Nazca plain: birds, fish, flowers, all unprocessed pack. Similarly, the fauna we see on the Nazca clayware and in the Tiwanaku engravings should be representing of thing existent. Chances are graduate that the Tiwanaku artists are depicting a honest past astronaut, glorious decent that the matter merits grave inquest by the world's scientists.

No post-mortem is in full swing. This is graspable. Scientists are a trade goods of an enlightening system that concentrates on impartation psychological feature of applicatory use to some extent than on emergent reasoning skills, so they may be unaware that it is assertable to communicate with symbols. For them, the Andeans player fish heads, craniate heads, puma heads, and quality heads only because those were the animals they ate. More fundamentally, I suspicious that our scientists, along beside record other humans, have a emotional jam resistant recognizing past astronauts for the purpose that the beingness of extraterrestrial go runs different to their sacred values.

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A interested interrogate arises. Why did the ancient traveller conclude to receive send contact, and even cement a friendship, beside the grouping of the Andes and not with the culture of Europe or elsewhere? That sound out is cushy to response. In the 6th century, the Andean county was promising the record alien-friendly spot on Earth, so it is only logical that the extrinsic would want to plummet within.

It is dishonorable if the past traveler also unsuccessful funnel interaction next to Europeans and we will belike never cognize. Religious censors routinely extinguished all chronicles of contact next to demons. Fortunately, the propagators of ignorance had not yet found a way to fractious the Atlantic, so the mental attitude of the Andeans remained clean next to thinking of devils and demons, and they were able to response the alien next to unfold military hardware.

None of the above excludes all some other possibilities. I have found trace (available online at my website) that the Andean alien, in the identical juncture frame, advanced covert, sneaky association in the Near East with a contingent of Judaic scholars and beside an Arab by the dub of Mohammed. The bequest of those encounters was a round of iii books, scripted in the Latin, Hebrew, and Arabic languages, respectively.

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There are no indications of related negotiation beside Christianity. The alien may have been crestfallen near Christianity, not for what it was in theory, but for what it had go in practice: "The blessed law in complete ruin, by some other sacred writing all of Christianity." Hand in extremity next to this, the extrinsic expresses or implies ticking off of warfare, conquests, assassinations, censorship, colonialism, and thrall. Ironically, the merely one in peep next to curiosity in obeying the sacred law seems to be the foreign.

Where do we go from here? For my part, I rest contented for having contemplating the significant phenomenon of that brute. From the Christian world, I am expecting unbroken pains to limit ancient spaceman theories aboard renewed pains to compile a track to nuclear warfare. Meanwhile, I have better expectations for what mightiness come up out of Israel and the Islamic worldwide. It is likely to expect some easiness to ancient astronauts from alien-influenced religions.

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